Are you Cory Barlog?


  1. patou says:

    Cory you are a genius animating writing and directing.

  2. please come to work at ubisoft

  3. patou says:

    are you serious

  4. Furkan says:

    Come up with a new video of the god of War as a Christmas gift! I’ve been waiting six years! Enough already!! (I do not know english😂😂)

  5. Rodrigo Gitahy says:

    Hello, how are you? I am sending this email because I am very disappointed with you. I’ve been in the Playstation family since 2010. I played the vast majority of the exclusive ones, since the time of Playstation 3. Passionate about the franchises GOW, Uncharted etc …
    Accompany many channels on Youtube. And I see many take advantage to say that they like some game because they know they will win the company. Just see the PSN ID’s of them that are not even fans. They play to watch the channel, money only. And we fans of truth that we zero, several times and even platinamos the game we have to buy.
    Zerei and platinei GOW, GOW 2, GOW 3, GOW Ascension and I will do the same with NEW GOW. How many YouTube channels WIN the game, for having enough subscribers. It even seems like the GOW franchise needs this marketing. A tent in the corner would sell many copies.
    Unfortunate this stance of the company …

  6. Carlos says:

    Cory, will there be a tie l-in book for God of War? Usually big games like these always get a book about the games story. Will there be one eventually?

  7. Alex gader says:

    Heylo Corey…
    I have a question …
    Why do u use kratos as new GOW main character…I mean was that only for fame and profit?

    From an old fan….Alex gader

  8. Dom says:

    Mr. Barlog, the new God of War sincerely gave me hope again for games, the depths you went to to create the game are absolutely amazinc and I hope you continue to do such great work, thank you

  9. Jose says:

    Hello Cory, i want to thank you for save my life with the new GOW. I bought my copy 2 weeks ago and i usually play with my PS4 2 times a week. Im discovering Kratos as a person, not a god and i see on him things that i have. Im a quiet man that resolves his problems everyday and i never reveal when something is important to me and when im sad (most of the time)… In the game i rescued and bring to life Mimir and im really emotioned for discover whats next on the path of Kratos and Atreus. One more time, thank you

  10. Corey says:

    I am absolutely stunned after completing GOW4,
    I have played all the gow games and ant wait to see whats next :),
    please contact me because i have many great ideas for what can happen next.

  11. Johnathan Naranjo says:


    How are you? Love your work.Would like the opportunity to discuss working with you on a film project. Please feel free to contact me. Thanks.

  12. Guiseppi Paulino says:

    I know you are incredibly busy and get a lot of emails so this will only take 60 seconds to read. My name is Guiseppi Paulino and I am an aspiring writer. I would love for more people to read my stories and get better at my craft.
    What is 1 good piece of advice you have for writers? I totally understand if you are too busy to respond. Even a one or two line response will completely make my day.

  13. Bruno Schwartz says:

    Hi Mr. Barlog I am an art studant from Brazil and I’m currently making my undegraduate thesis wich is about the concept art of GoW basically… I sent you an e-mail about it but I’m not sure if I sent to the right e-mail… is that really your e-mail? if it’s not… and if you have time to say something to help me to make my thesis better… where could I contact you?

    Thanks for making the GOW franchise great again!!

  14. Koyuki says:

    Hi Cory, thank you for God of War. Please keep it up and please please do not kill the franchise by pulling a Cuckman on GoW5. Loving Kratos from Japan. ❤

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