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…damn you – damn you all to HELL!!



This collection of images show the hilarity of an incorrect translation. My wife and I laughed so hard there was physical pain invol;ved.  I am certain I was a few steps away from a heart attack I was laughing so hard.

This one is my favorite of all.  I want this on my front lawn.  Well, first I have to get a front lawn, then I want this on it.


Actually – ‘Tiny Grass is Dreaming’ will be the name of my first downloadable game…whenever I do one.

It’s Friday, I haven’t had more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep for many nights thanks to my son, Helo.  I love him, he is just the most amazing and awesome thing on the planet…but I really wish he would sleep.


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I’m back bitches!!!


That’s right, I am back in the Sony house of interactive horrors kicking over furniture and burning the fucking walls down like a boss.




Keep an eye out here for regular updates, jaeger battle plans and insight into my day-to-day nonsense over there at the Santa Monica nuthouse!




Team Sony-Jaeger HO!!!! Let’s drop some Thundercloud formation on some unsuspecting Kaiju – share button style.


Go see Pacific Rim, the Guillermo’s are crazy and it is an absolutely stupid, ridiculous fun giant robot vs. giant monster movie! I laughed, I cried, I rooted for the Kaiju and I asked myself “why it is Jax from ‘Sons of Anarchy’ always walks the exact same way in everything he is in?”


Answer: He is actually a robot and his programmers, the production team that brought you Project Runway, could not figure out how to input more than one walk cycle behavior within the budget they had allotted to create the next Hollywood hunk.


Oh, one caveat….because I loves me some caveats.  OK, maybe not a caveat per se, more just a point of clarity.  <clears throat> Everything I say here is my opinion and mine alone, Sony does not share in or support any of the crazy ramblings that I scrawl out here with the assistance of my team of mental health physicians and a one particularly mannish nurse named Plasma Snake.